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Police Officers accused of stashing 27 parcels of cocaine are dismissed from the force

Three police officers have been kicked out of the force after an investigation into their involvement with the disappearance of 27 parcels of cocaine. That case was opened in April, 2017 when officers of the Special Patrol Unit were accused of misconduct.  The officers, Corporal Clinton Thomas and Police Constables Kishane Peck and Albert Augustine reportedly searched a home in Santa Elena Town and found 27 parcels of cocaine. Those present in the house were detained but subsequently released before reaching the police station in Belmopan. The cocaine went missing. The Professional Standards Branch launched an investigation and today DCP Chester Williams says it has resulted in the dismissal of all three officers.

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “When I was at Professional Standards Branch we had moved with that investigation and the three officers were placed on disciplinary charges for neglect of duty and act of prejudice to good order and discipline. The tribunal in respect of that matter concluded and the officers were convicted in the tribunal and the adjudicator had recommended their dismissal from the department. We had since wrote to the solicitor general’s office because by virtue of the regulation of the laws again while the law does give the commissioner the authority to dismiss it says that the commissioner must first seek the consult from the solicitor general’s office and so we have done that as well and we received the solicitor general’s response in respect to that matter last week Friday and the SolGen has agreed that the dismissal of the officers is well within the scope of the law, that due process was followed and so we have since moved and have dismissed those three officers from the department.”

Reporter: Any idea what happened to that drug? Was there any drug ?

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “Well based on the witness who testified in the tribunal who was with them at the time the witness did confirm that the drugs were found and samples were taken. The samples reached the police station and those samples were sent to the lab and the lab affirmed that the samples were cocaine. So basically that was the basis of that matter.”

Reporter: So you have no idea where drugs ended up?

Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police: “No we do not.”