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Police officers and civilian clash in viral video

Over the weekend, a video of three police officers struggling to detain a man in Belize City made rounds on social media. The amateur video captured the man and a police officer exchanging blows before two other officers assist in detaining him. The incident occurred on Saturday night in front of a popular establishment on Newtown Barracks. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, commented on the video and say it shows the difficulty officers have when dealing with persons resisting arrest.

Chester Williams, Commissioner, Belize Police Department: “You would know that it’s nothing new to policing. Oftentimes officers encounter resistance when trying to take person into custody and while many a times the videographer would not capture what the civilian would do but they only capture what the police do or on occasion they would edit the video to make t seem like the police s the bad one and this time we saws a video that depicts everything and so it’s an eyeopener, I hope, to the public to understand that it is extremely difficult for officers at times when trying to detain some persons. Yes there are occasions when some people would easily concede to being arrested but there are occasions when we do have resistance and police has to apply the best possible measure to deal with the situation without causing injuries to the person or persons.”