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Police Officers awarded for outstanding performance

This afternoon the Police Department recognized ninety-seven men and women in uniform. The award ceremony took place at the Bliss Institute for the Performing Arts. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, Ambassador Charles Liu of the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Elodio Aragon Jr. Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Security were among those in attendance. In congratulating the officers, Minister Aragon commended them for the good job they are doing.

Elodio Aragon, Minister of State:“Days like these we recognize the great work that you all do as men and women in uniform and that must be commendable because at the end of the day we do a special job. You see Police Officers are not the ordinary John Joe out there you know. You do a very special job I could tell you that because I have been there, I’ve done that and I will tell you that I will always have a special place in my heart for the men and women in uniform especially the Police Department because at the end of the day the job you do is a tough job. I know all the situations from the travelling that you have to do to get to work, for the days you go when you no eat properly , to the miss that bus that you want catch to get home on time, I have been there we have done that and it’s not easy the kind of work you do you know we watch the media every day and the media talks about all the crime issues, the gore that exist in our streets at times and they fail to realize the great work that you do. The Police men and women who have to respond to these incidents who have to deal with these situation on the ground who have to carry out the investigations, who have to do the chasing and bringing these criminals to arrest them and bring them to court. It’s not an easy job it’s a tough job and many times or most of the time it goes unrecognized, it goes unknown to a large extent and at the end of the day we all know it’s a tough job and you are getting awarded because you are being recognized for the work that you have been doing, for the commitment, the dedication and the desire to see a safer Belize; that is greatness you know and I won’t say that in the Police Department we don’t have challenges, we have had challenges from way back when I joined I could remember. It’s always about the murder rate at the end of the year, how many convictions have we’ve had, how we are doing with man power etc.”

Aragon encouraged them to stay the course and continue to make a difference in the face of the bad cops who are dragging the department’s name through the mud.