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Police Officers being Investigated for Misconduct

Two police constables attached to the Placencia Community Policing Unit have been placed on interdiction. Earlier this week, reports surfaced those police officers allegedly took nude pictures of boys. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of the National Crimes Investigation Branch confirmed today that one of the officers was slapped with five disciplinary charges while a single disciplinary charge was levied against the second officer.

ACP Joseph Myvette

“Because of the fact that the investigation involved minors I will not go into the details but I can tell you that an investigation was done, two officers have since been placed on charge, one got five disciplinary charges and the other one had one charge. They will be interdicted today as soon as they have appeared before a tribunal and it is likely that if they are able to keep their job at the end of this they will certainly be removed from the community policing unit.”


“But in the case of if photos were taken of these young boys, can you assure us that these photos were retrieved and that no other copies were made because it would lead to child pornography.”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“Well, I cannot say whether or not any photos were taken because I was not a part of the investigation and I have not been so briefed.”

According to ACP Myvette, the complainants did not want to press criminal charges against the officer which is why they were only slapped with internal disciplinary charges. Central Regional Commander ACP Dezerie Magdaleno and Police Legal Advisor Senior Superintendent of Police Bart Jones explained that without a complaint, there is little that the police can do.

Sr. Supt. Bart Jones

“The investigator would then have that evidence that he has so it is not that it is that we are cherry picking which charges to put criminally and which charges to go disciplinary it is based on the investigation.”

ACP Joseph Myvette

“But as well to add on that when we have a complaint made by a member of the public against any person there are ways in which the matter can be dealt with for which the complainant is asked how you would like this matter to be dealt with, you come and complain about your neighbor insulting you and did something to you, what is it that you would want us to do with your complaint? Would you like to lay a charge, would you want us to call in the person and speak with the person? It is dealing with in no different manner. There are options that you have and there are persons who may not want to appear in a criminal court but I wouldn’t mind coming to an internal tribunal it is up to a person to decide which way they want to go.”

In respect to the allegation of rape made by two women against police officers, ACP Myvette says that the matter is still under investigation.