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Police Officers Caught Scuffling on Camera in Police Station

 A 17-second video captured inside the Dangriga Police Station has brought a black eye on the Police as two siblings attached to the Stann Creek Formation went against the department’s code of conduct in more ways than one.  The incident began unfolding just before one o’clock this morning when Police Constables Akeem and Kenrick Gamboa were accosted by Police for being out during curfew hours.  Additionally, the men were on separate motorcycles and were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  This is how it started, and eventually, it spiraled into a physical confrontation when the Gamboa brothers went to the police station to reclaim their bikes.  Senior Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland is heading the investigation as the Officer Commanding the Professional Standards Branch.

Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland, Officer Commanding Professional Standards Branch

Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland, Officer Commanding Professional Standards Branch: The purpose of impounding the motorcycles were because the police suspected them to be under the influence. At about 1:15 A.M this morning both Akeem and Kenrick Gamboa wanted to get the motorcycles from the officers at the Dangriga police station. This resulted in an altercation at the station and also led to both Gamboas being detained for an investigation to be carried out. As a result of the investigation and directives of the Commissioner of Police both officers will be charged today with various offences which include assaulting a police , harm and they will also be ticketed for violation of the curfew regulations. They will also face numerous internal disciplinary charges as it relates to their action that took place at the Dangriga police station this morning.” 

The incident got so out of hand that one of the Gamboa brothers placed another cop in a chokehold.  According to Sutherland, the injuries sustained by the cop has been categorized as harm.

Superintendent Dwayne Sutherland, Officer Commanding Professional Standards Branch:  “The whole ordeal started by PC Akeem Gamboa being very disrespectful and assaulting a police officer if you can see in the video, a police officer in civilian clothing where the brother Kenrick Gamboa then intervened by grabbing an officer from behind. That led to one of the officers being injured and a doctor certified his injury as harm and so Kenrick Gamboa will be held accountable for the offence of harm committed upon that officer that was injured.”

 Police Commissioner Chester Williams has weighed in on the situation telling the media that Police Constable Akeem Gamboa has had a history of misconduct in the department.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “The video is pretty much disheartening to say the least. The conduct depicted in that video footage is not what we promote as a law enforcement organization. And so when we see members of our organization acting in such a way it is truly concerning to us and so I have directed the Professional Standards Branch to look into that matter and both police officers will be dealt with but I must say if you were to check your archives you will see that PC Gamboa have constantly been a pain in the butt and something needs to be done. I don’t think his behavior is compatible with that of a police officer’s behavior and so I have directed PSB to do what needs to be done so that we can deal with this matter as quickly as we possibly can.”

 The Gamboa brothers were taken to court today in Dangriga.  They both pleaded not guilty and were offered bail.  They go back on May 28.