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Police officers complete Gang Resistance Education and Training program

Today 27 police officers graduated from the GREAT program. GREAT- Gang Resistance Education and Training program looks at targeting at risk youths who may join a gang. The officers’ job is to prevent that and Superintendent, Dinsdale Thompson told us how.

Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson

Through this program we have found out great results that our young people moving away from their lifestyle of gang and so within the entire country of Belize, this is what we are pushing. A program that we’re pushing so training these twenty seven instructors at this present moment they will then go out and assist the different precinct and formations within the country bringing about the sensitization of the whole issue pertaining to gangs.”


What are some of the skills or the abilities that the officers got to learn throughout the training?

Superintendent Dinsdale Thompson

“Some of the skills that the instructors have gathered here these past eight days, the issue of how to deal with young people, recognizing when they are faced with problems and work with them so they come through that process and seeing that going down the path of being a gang member is not the way to go and so for them to continue to be law abiding citizens that we the police officer eventually left without a job when it comes to that area dealing with young people that are involved in gangs. “

The funding for the program is provided by the US Embassy.