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Police Officers complete training on community policing

Angelica Cruz reporting…

“The closing ceremony was held this afternoon at the Police training academy in Belmopan for a one week community policing training which began on Monday August 24. This training had the participation of 36 police officers from across the country. Sergeant Elroy Carcamo, NCO in Charge of Community Policing spoke to Love News about the objectives of the training and two of the participants share what they learnt and how it will help them in the future.

Sergeant Elroy Carcamo

“The intent or objective of this training is to equip our officers with the knowledge of community policing. The philosophy or the way of going out there and dealing with problem solving and to ensure that our officers have the proper information when it comes to community oriented policing.”


“We learned different things such as the CERA model which is a technique for problem solving and we know that it is going to help us deal with those problems and issues that our community is facing and we want to thank all those persons who assisted us with the information and experience they shared with us.”


” For these five days that we were here we learned a lot that for every problem there is also a solution and we just have to look deeper into that which is called problem solving and conflict resolution. We need to take more steps in learning what the real problem is and with all the organizations and departments that we learnt about today  we know more information like what to tell the public about the problems that they have and who can help them and where they should go and the steps that they should take.”