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Police Officers Criticize Promotion Process

Many officers of the police force were recently promoted to Corporal, Sergeant or Inspectors earlier this year. As such the promotion process has seen a number of internal criticisms, claiming that it was unfair and bias. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police, said that the promotion exam was conducted objectively.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams: “The process for promotion is an objective one, there are several persons that are close to me and were not promoted and they are deserving as well. I believe in being fair and I can tell you that there are several people who have opposed me in the past and I promoted them because they are entitled to the promotion. I do not promote people because they like me or because they are friends with me. I promote you based on your merit and as I said before it is not about whether or not the officers like me or whether they are close to me. It is what they can bring to the table in order to be able to enhance the level of service that we offer to the public and so whoever wants to suggest that the process was subjective, then again I don’t know where that is coming from. We have an objective process and again historically persons who have not passed the promotional exam have been promoted. The promotion is not only based on passing an exam but there also are other criteria. When you score the different criteria and if you reach that mark then you can be promoted. I can tell you that there was not one person who did not sit the exam and got promoted. You have to have sit the exam to have been promoted.”

One hundred and ninety four officers were successfully promoted out of the hundreds that took the exam./////