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Police officers investigated in traffic incident

On Saturday night, there was another traffic incident but with no fatalities. It involved five police officers who were traveling on the Southern Highway when their vehicle was rear ended.  ACP Myvette said they are still investigating the incident. Meanwhile, there are indications that it may not have been a simple accident, and that some drinks and an altercation may have had something to do with what transpired. Here is how ACP Myvette responded to questions of the incident.


ACP Joseph Myvette, Head National CIB: Five officers reported that while travelling on the highway, they were collided into from behind by an orange in color Wingle at the time which was being driven by one Asuncion Rush and the Wingle in question being driven by Rush received extensive damage to his front portion as it had collided into the rear of the police vehicle.

Reporter: Had they been socializing at the Flum Bar in Bella Vista and perhaps some misunderstanding came out of that?

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head National CIB: I have not received any such report but the matter is being looked into.

Reporter: And the driver of the Police mobile, was he a) authorized to be driving that vehicle and two, has the blood alcohol level of the two drivers been taking because I have been told they had all been drinking at the Flum Bar and then there was a dispute and then the Wingle driver deliberately rear-ended the mobile patrol.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head National CIB: No I have not received any such report however we are investigating this matter. I am not yet able to say as I have not yet been briefed as to whether samples were taken from both drivers which is standard operating procedure.