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Police Officers Lack Appropriate Training

The Minister of Home Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, says the matter of public safety goes beyond just the Muslim Community. He expressed concern over the Police Department’s personnel not having the adequate training to properly serve the public. Here is how he explained it.


Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Home Affairs

“Because of my concern about the quality of the Police Officers given the problems that we have in the Police force. I went to Chile and I went to Taiwan specifically to find out what is the situation in relation to them. Both in Chilenan in Taiwan I discovered that no police officer goes on the street unless he has a minimum of 2 years’ experience; if you don’t have two years training you don’t go on the street and the norm is for them to have a maximum of four years training, then they go on the streetand they don’t stay there for the four years; then they can go way up. The Police men can now become doctorate in the various Police sciences. Regretful in Belize we only go six months so it’s a tremendous disadvantage to us because it means the people who are guarding us don’t have the requisite amount of training and experience to be able to do the best job that we need to have done. There is nothing more valuable than my life or your life so to my mind we should have no difficulty in spending what is necessary to make sure that the people who are guarding us are the best we could find.So those are things that we will have to work on and I’m sure once that happens and we are able to do something about the rouge ones in the force and we are working on that. I think once we are able to do all of that the society will become much more safe and we are able to satisfy all the families.”