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Are police officers’ lives in danger due to rise in attacks?

The Police Department has a very important role to play as it ensures the safety of the community. Over the years, the community seemingly has lost its respect for the department, which is evident in the increase of attacks on police officers. At today’s press brief, ACP Joseph Myvett spoke of two recent attacks on police officers. Myvett said that the common-law wife of a police officer reported to police that their home came under fire.

Joseph Myvett – Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch:  “Reported to Police that on the 20th of September shortly after 10 pm she heard several bangs but did not pay much attention to it as she thought it was fireworks however on the 21st of September sometime after 8 am when she exited her home and went to the street side she observed a number of expended shells on the street side. As a result she further examined her home where she saw damages where apparently seven bullets were fired at her home. The scene was processed where eleven 9 mm shells were found. At time of this incident her husband was not at home but he was at work.”

Myvett said a police officer was targeted in another incident.

Joseph Myvett – Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch: A team of Police officers were conducting vehicular check point the roaring creek checkpoint when in Santa Elena where whilst they were on the checkpoint a white pick up approach the checkpoint at high speed and one of the officers who was standing in the middle of the highway near the checkpoint sign was hit by the bumper of the vehicle and also during the process he was hit to the left shoulder by the rear view mirror of the vehicle. So far and intensive investigation has been launched. We are following several leads at this point in time. The constable Cruz Garcia he was taken to the San Ignacio community Hospital where he is listed in a stable condition.”

It is believed that even more officers may be targeted in relation to the state of emergency.