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Police officers receive bullet proof vests in time for Christmas Anti-crime campaign

The first group of police officers received their bullet proof vests today in Belize City, just as the department commences its Christmas Anti-crime campaign.  The vests are part of a donation of five hundred that was made to the Belize Police Department by the Miami Dade Police Department in the US. Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie presented the vests to first responders and officers of the Quick Response team.

Allen Whylie: Over 100 as the officer said received vests today, 500 has been received and the emphasis will be on as I indicated last week on the operational units: the front line officers, the first responders and then we will also be doing the same thing in each district. In each district there is a quick response team that are the first to respond to any call for assistance in terms of major incidents and then we will also be looking at the relief personnel that would ordinarily be the first responders in terms of preventive patrols. We have catalogued the vests and we have put them in in terms of sizes. We know the size of the officers and those officers have been assigned those vests so whilst there might be a few glitches today the officers will get their appropriate sizes. Each vest that has been issued today becomes the property of that officer as long as he remains a member of the Belize Police Department. Since it’s a part of his kit when he falls in he will be expected to have his vest with him and come prepared to work.”

The donation was made possible through the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP).Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie is a second Vice President of the ACCP. Commissioner Whylie said that the ACCP has a working relationship with the Miami-Dade Police and it was through that collaboration that the donation was facilitated. In 2017, the Miami-Dade Police donated 200 bullet proof vests to the Belize Police Department.

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