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Police Officers Refuses to Take Report from Woman Who was Assaulted

A Belize City woman tonight claims that she was assaulted by a policeman at a nightclub. Denise Pitts says that a fight occurred at MJ’s Club and it was during the fight, that she was slammed to the ground. As a result, she broke one of her arms. Pitts added that she tried to make a report at a police station but the officer at the station refused to take her report, suggesting to Pitts that it was a complete waste of time. Police Press Officer, ASP Fitzroy Yearwood says the officer was wrong for not taking a statement as it contravened her rights. He advises Pitts to still make the statement. 

I am very disappointed in whichever officer gave her that advice when she visited that station. Whenever you visit any police station to make a report or complaint against the police and that is in Belize district eastern division we usually ask you to visit professional standards branch. That officer was being mischievous for turning away that lady from the station, not recording a statement from her or advising her to come to PSB. We try our best to advise the public even on our Facebook page that whenever you have a complaint against the police it is your right to come and make that report. I will have officers from PSB try to locate Ms. Pitts during the course of today and record a statement from her.