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Police Officers to Benefit from Scholarships Through MOU

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed this morning that will offer tertiary-level scholarships for police officers. The signing was done this morning at the Sacred Heart Junior College. Fermin Magana, the College’s Dean, explained that this is an agreement being renewed as the initiative had begun back in 2018.

Fermin Magana, Dean, Sacred Heart Junior College: “We’re here today because we are proud to be able to come together with the police department to do something that has been long awaited to do which is the actual ceremony for the program that we have started for over three years in which we are helping the police department get their personnel more prepared when it comes to their education. We are offering scholarships to junior college students that are in the police department in the effort that they would be able to better their situation, to be able to receive their promotions. We are happy that we’re able to do this for our community and to be able to partner with the police department. At Sacred Heart Junior College we have been working with our community very ardently and we have been offering many scholarships. In the past years before the pandemic we were offering approximately thirty five scholarships per semester but due to the fact of the pandemic we had to reduce the numbers in which we were offering approximately fifteen school scholarships and we were offering approximately fifteen working scholarships and we were very proud of doing that. At the moment we cannot do that but we’re still finding ways to help financially some of the students by offering a little help but presently the sports and the assistantship for work scholars has reduced its budget but we hope that with the improvement of the situation in the country with the pandemic leaving us at first we’ll be able to come back to the situation that we were before.”