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Police “officially” issue warrant for three men including Jafari Castro in brutal beatdown of Kevin Brown

San Pedro police have issued arrest warrants for Gilbert Franklin, James Young and Jafari Castro, son of Government Minister, Edmund Castro. They are wanted by police for the brutal beating of 21 year old basketball player, Kevin Brown. The trio is wanted for the crime of harm. Franklin is also wanted for the crime of aggravated assault since investigators believe he is the one who hit Brown with a fire extinguisher. The attack was so vicious that on Sunday, August 6, Brown was airlifted from San Pedro Town to Belize City where he was at the KHMH in a coma for a few days. Statements recorded from Brown and other witnesses this week assisted investigators with enough evidence to issue the arrest warrants. This morning, the Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Broaster, briefed the media on the matter,

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“The investigation has led us to the issuance of three warrants for Jafari Castro, Gilbert Franklin and James Young. A couple days ago we managed to record a statement from Mr. Kevin Brown and we’ve gotten statements from witnesses which have enabled us to issue these warrants.”

“And the other persons who are under warrants for arrests?”

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“Are being sought.”

“Not located as yet?”

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“No Gilbert Franklin and James Young. We are not sure if there is video evidence, from what I was briefed the video if one exists is not available probably it will be today or tomorrow because of the individual’s absence who would have to rewind the footage and if the camera was working and all that.”

“At the establishment, it’s not in the police’s custody at this time?”

ACP Edward Broaster – Acting Officer Commanding Eastern Division
“As far as I was briefed yesterday no.”

Brown is still recovering from the injuries. Police say Brown was with some friends at Banana Beach Resort on August 6 when an alteration over a bracelet ensued. He was attacked and hit to the head with a fire extinguisher.