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Police strategy to disarm criminals

On Tuesday the Belize Police Department presented its new National Crime Fighting Strategy. The strategy targets gangs and is also focused on amendments to existing legislation and the creation of new ones to fight crime. The department will also be conducting some in-house cleaning and strengthening the Professional Standards Branch. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie announced that goal one was to target criminal networks and known gangs. The department is looking at a number of strategies to disarm criminals.

Allen Wylie – Commissioner of Police

“The Belize Police department will aggressively seek to eliminate the proliferation of illegal guns and ammunition countrywide through collection and analysis of intelligence. The Belize Police Department will ensure that all guns upon being presented for renewal of licenses are test fired and the results entered in the Integrated Ballistic Identification System. The Belize Police department will ensure that all firearms and or expended shells recovered are promptly sent to the National Forensic Science Services for ballistic examination and analysis. The Belize Police Department will intensify operations aimed at disarming criminals, intensify spot checks and vehicular points, traffic control and stop and search in particular sector zones; also road policing will be done to curtail the movement of criminals to seriously disrupt criminal activities and to arrest and prosecute perpetrators of crime and violence.”

The Compol says that the Department will continue to conduct targeted patrols across the country to deter crime. Mediation, intervention and interdiction efforts will also continue to address retaliations and what the police call “revenge killings”.