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Police Operations Commander warns criminals that game is over and they are coming


After all the mediations and interventions and negotiations with the gangs and the criminal elements, 2020 seems to be a year of little to no tolerance from Commissioner Williams.  Today, he and ACP Vidal had a message for the lawbreakers.

After all the mediations and interventions and negotiations with the gangs and the criminal elements, 2020 seems to be a year of little to no tolerance from Commissioner Williams.  Today, he and ACP Vidal had a message for the lawbreakers.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:Those who may believe that they can flee the city and go out district let me warn you that we’re also looking out and waiting for you out district. You’re not going to live peaceful in this country.”

 Marco Vidal, Commander of Operations, Belize Police Department: “For those persons out there helping in committing crime it is game over, we are coming hard and we’re coming after you. For those persons who have fled the city and think that they can hide and harbor in different areas we are coming for you.”

The criminals are not the only ones who will feel the brunt of this aggressive approach.  Police Commissioner Williams also had a message for the friends and family of the criminal element who tries to interfere in the work of the police.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Somebody put on Facebook the other day and I have to agree with the person, it said police slap one criminal and all kinds of videos come out from all over the place, children get killed, innocent people get killed no video come out. We have a society that is more sympathetic towards criminals and that is why the criminals have become so embolden because they know the public to a large extent sympathize with them. But the regulations again speaks to any person who obstructs or hinders the work of the police and I can tell you we are going to enforce that. So once the police come for anybody, anybody who intervenes and make the police job more difficult will be detained and will be charged. You have to understand you must leave the police to do their work even if you believe that the police is wrongfully detaining somebody that is not your business; let the police bring the person to the station, you have a query come to the station and you make your query do not be out there pulling the person from the police, obstructing the police you will be arrested and charged.”

Police Commissioner Williams has referred to the criminals as senseless as they insist on killing children and women who are innocent.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:The issue of gang and gang violence continues to plague our society and over the past few days we have seen that these activities have become more increased and the criminals seem to become more emboldened in carrying out these senseless and heinous acts. It is reckless for one to just indiscriminately fire gunshots in a house not knowing who or what they’re shooting at and when children are at the receiving end of those bullets it is heart wrenching. I listened to a talk show this morning and I heard a good friend of mine say on that talk show that he believes that more could be done by talking; I don’t know how long we should be talking or why we should be talking when children and innocent women are being shot and killed. Mr.Broaster can tell you he has been talking from 1994, we’ll continue to talk for another twenty five years while people are suffering, people are dying ? I say no. The time for talking is done. My message to the gang members is this. If you want to live in society peacefully it is your duty to adjust to society behavior.”

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