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Police Ops Target Suspects In the Lemott Murder Case

Thirty four year old Tanika Lemott and her friends came under gun fire early Sunday morning while in a taxi after attending a concert. They were on Fabers Road when they came under attack. Lemott died on the spot while the taxi driver, Jaime Villanueva was shot to the upper back and 33-year-old Dorris Gilharry shot to the left side of the chest. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, gave an update on that murder investigation.


“We have been folllowing up on that murder investigation and the CIB personelle headed by inspector Cowo have been out there canvasing the area and as well as other parts of Belize City to see what we can gather of evidencial value to  be able to move forward with the investgiation. We did an opperation this morning and we went after those persons who we believe are responsible and we have more persons in custoday and we will continue our investigation of those persons to see what we can obtain to be able to move forward. It is a crime that we do want to solve, I do not believe that Ms.Lemot deserved to have died the way that she did and I would like to extend our condolences to her families. We know that they are saddened by her loss, she seems to have been a very joyous young lady and her life was taken away in an untimely manner and we really want to do our best to solve this crime and we will see what we can do.”

Investigators have yet to recover the firearm used for this crime.