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Police out and about in the community

Police held their weekly meet and greet session today and were on the ground visiting residents along Caesar Ridge Road and surrounding areas in south side Belize City. Deputy Commander for the division, Superintendent of Police Daniel Arzu says crime is at the top of the list of concerns for residents.

Supt. Daniel Arzu
“The residents are concerned about their safety, they are concerned about the crimes that are occurring within their neighborhood and they are hoping to see the police more active and the presence within their neighborhood and they equally wanting to connect themselves with us and as a matter of fact, that is the purpose of the Meet and Greeting with the residents. We can connect ourselves with them to bridge the gap of that trust issue. We want to let them feel that they are part of the society, equally are part of the society but we have to be enforcing the laws for them to be safe and for them to be free of crime. So that is basically the essence for being out here to connect ourselves with the residents so that there is this trust between both ourselves and the community.”
On the north side of the city, officers visited residents on Driftwood Bay, Palm Grove Streets and surrounding areas.