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Police Precinct Three Changes Command

The command for Precinct Three has changed hands over the last few days as Superintendent Suzette Anderson will be now be posted in Belmopan and Superintendent Hilberto Romero will be taking charge of the Queen Street Precinct Three.  Meanwhile, Superintendent David Chi retains control of Precinct One on Euphrates Avenue and Senior Superintendents Alden Dawson and  Lynden Flowers maintain command of Precincts Two and Four respectively.  On a national level, the northern portion is managed by the Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Marlon Allen with Superintendent Dennis Arnold handling the Corozal District and Superintendent Selvin Tillett overseeing the Orange Walk District.  The Belize District is divided into three sections, namely, Rural, North and South.  The commanders are Assistant Commissioners of Police, Edward Broaster, Dezeree Phillips and Chester Williams, respectively.  Commanding the western region is Senior Superintendent Andrew Ramirez with Superintendent Daniel Arzu manning Benque Viejo del Carmen Town; Superintendent Andrew Rosado for San Ignacio Town and Superintendent Howell Gillett for Belmopan.  The southern commander is Senior Superintendent Ralph Moody with command for Dangriga being Superintendent Roy Joseph, Punta Gorda – Assistant Superintendent of Police, Clement Cacho and for the Intermediate Southern Formation it is Superintendent Cristobal Valerio.