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Police Prepares Against Violent Retaliations in Hotspots

Last week Wednesday a shooting on La Croix Boulevard left one man, Kerian Morrison dead and another, Kent Brooks in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, today gave an update on the on-going investigation and the increase of police activity in the St. Martins Area.


“Yes we had two persons detained indeed and those persons have been released and like we always say the difficulty getting people to give a statement. While we may know who are the perpetrators of these acts we cannot go to court with what we know, we must go to court with empirical evidence and we do not have that so based on that they were released. Mr.Brooks is still admitted in the hospital in a critical condition, we are hoping and praying for a recovery and hopefully he would be able to shed some more light on this investigation. That area has two aggressive gangs and the fact that there is a fatal shooting involving them there is a great potential for a flare up and as police we normally anticipate these things and put things in place to be able to calm the situation. We have seen that the measures we have put in place in the area is working. Separate and apart from the checkpoints we also put in additional patrols in the area so the police presence in that area right now is very high and we will maintain that presence for a long time because we need to give people a  time to heal and if we withdraw without healing then we will find that people will still be angry and will take matters into their own hands so we are trying to prepare against that.”

Police stated that the increase of police activity is due to fear of retaliation occurring as a result of Wednesday’s shooting.