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Police Prison van Not Meant to Hold Detainees

And as you heard, Derrick Uh was held inside a police prison van for almost fourteen hours. That van is so tightly sealed that oxygen and light are not able to penetrate it. While the Police Commissioner had no issue with the officers holding Uh in the van, Minister Kareem Musa told reporters today that Uh ought not to have been detained inside the van. 

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “If you look at the very first point which is, that in my opinion, and I’m not aware of any policy that individuals are supposed to be detained in a van. I think that is the starting point. That this individual, Mr. Derrick Uh, ought not to have been detained, even though temporarily inside the van. What should have happened, in my opinion, is that a mobile should have been called even though it’s a distance away from the Corozal Police Station, a mobile should have been called to come and pick up Derrick Uh and he should have been taken to the police station if t is that there were allegations made against him. And so from the very outset that, in my opinion, was a huge misstep on the part of the police at the San Joaquin fiesta showgrounds. Secondly, what the investigation is showing so far is that there was not a proper briefing and there was not a proper handing over because the officers who took the van to the police station were not the original officers who had detained Derrick Uh and so in the process of handing over the detainee, there should have been a proper briefing and communication by the officers who had originally detained Derick Uh and that should have been communicated to the drivers who then took he van to the police station with Mr. Derrick Uh inside the van. So yes, in my opinion, definitely, there were, like I said, a series of missteps starting with the very fact that Mr. Uh ought not to have been detained inside the van.”