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Police Raids Mason’s Home, Taking All Video Surveillance

So, those are the allegations that Mason has reportedly made and is now being reported by Attorney Richard Dickie Bradley.  But aside from those charges being made by Mason, there is the issue of video surveillance at the farm and at the home on Intelco Hill which would undoubtedly incriminate over a dozen of senior police officials and Government members as well.


“Mr. Mason has learnt that the police in their search of his property confiscated his tape recordings. He had cameras all over his property, inside and outside and he said that on those video tapes are Ministers in his house on several occasions so now the media needs to go and find out because that has nothing to do with the charges that are brought against Mr. Mason. The investigation into Mr. Mason’s alleged wrongdoings and criminalities are basically closed, he has been charged the head was found from the beginning the body is allegedly found, they have beaten one of the accused persons so that he was forced to sign a confession which probably will not hold up, Panton will deal with that in the trial so that investigation is basically closed. That is not the investigation that Belizeans want to hear about, they want to hear about the real investigation and Mark Flowers and Mason have the information.”

To date there has been no mention of other surveillance found at the home other than the one that police says clearly shows some of what really occurred on Friday, July 15, ; 2016; hours leading up to the beheading of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas.