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Police receive 15 new vehicles to help fight crime

In an effort to fight crime, specifically in Southside Belize City, today the Belize Police Department and Caribbean Motors closed a deal for 15 Great Wall Wingles. The purchase was made by the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Home Affairs for the Department at a cost of approximately $610,000. Sales Executive Leroy Gentle says the vehicles have been retrofitted so that officers can carry out their duties.

“It’s a good moment we all know, especially right now at the police department, the care is for what the Police Department has to utilize their resources for so that has come in such a great time for the department and Caribbean Motors we are very glad that we were the ones that were selected to do so this is a full package type of deal that was closed as well so there is a full maintenance package that is issued out with these units so the Government and the Police Department will never come out of pocket to maintain these units, we know what the budget is and the prices are for the maintenance the fleet of vehicles that the police department utilizes so we have an excellent package that was placed together for them hence the reason we won that bid. These vehicles are retrofitted with all the police decals, the lights, stickers, PA systems and all of that and all that was done through Caribbean Motors as well. We got Slingshot to do all the decals for us, we installed the lights and PA systems here. So all was put together in a matter of about a week or so when we were called, we understood the need for these units so we needed to move rapidly to ensure we got them out and going and as you guys noticed earlier we did. It’s always good the initiatives or this and the purpose of equipping the police department with these resources is very good.”

The fleet of vehicles includes ten gasoline and five diesel.