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Police Records First 2016 Murder on New Year’s Day

21-year-old, Keiron Moss is dead and investigators have one person detained for his murder.  It is the first murder for this New Year and has left family and friends mourning the life of a young man who has been described by co-workers at Marelco Limited as being humble and always jovial.  Moss met his death on Levi Slusher Street in the Jane Usher Boulevard area on New Year’s Day as he escorted two female friends home from a night club.  Assistant Superintendent of Police Marcia Moody says a motive is yet to be ascertained.


On their arrival the police saw one Keiron Moss of Freedom Street who sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body. He was apparently dead on the scene and that was later confirmed by the medical people from the ambulance.  We have since detained one young man who is of interest who we believe can assist us with our investigation for the purpose of questioning. No motive so far as it relates to this shooting we have established, we are still investigating. What we have confirmed so far is that he was with two females at the time. I am not aware of anyone being grazed but we have since received statements from those two females.” 

Moss lived on Freedom Street with his mother, Mary Jones and worked at Marelco Limited up to the time of his death.