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Police recover stolen vehicle and items

Yesterday we reported on an incident in St. Matthew’s Village in the Cayo District in which a businessman was beaten and robbed. On Wednesday shortly after one o’clock in the morning, the proprietor of M and S nightclub in Saint Matthew’s village was closing his business when a man of Hispanic descent attacked him with a stick and robbed him. Today Police provided an update on the incident.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Also robbed in the process was his van which was later recovered in Harmony Ville. Intense Police investigation into this matter has led to the detention of one person and all properties that were stolen have since been recovered so that person is pending charges and will be charged later today.

Reporter: The persons was apprehend where sir?

ACP Joseph Myvette:He was apprehend in the said village.

Reporter: St. Matthews Okay.

ACP Joseph Myvette: Yes

The person detained is a villager of St. Matthew’s.