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Police recovered body of a man lost at sea

Belize City police continue to investigate the death of a man whose body was fished out of the sea this morning. As we reported on Wednesday, shortly after one o’clock, Coast Guard personnel were called out to an area near the Fisheries Department in Belize City to look for a man who had been thrown into the sea after he was reportedly beaten by three other men in a boat. Love News understands that a team of fisheries officers that was leaving on assignment witnessed the incident.  Someone from the department called the police who contacted coast guard personnel. The team searched the area but did not find the body until this morning. Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigation Branch, ASP Alejandro Cowo spoke with the media.

Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigation Branch, ASP Alejandro Cowo :

“This morning members of the Coast Guard were patrolling in the municipal airstrip area where they encountered the body of a male person floating in the water. As a result they called for the police and the police went and retrieved the body of the male person. We already know the identity of the person but we cannot give out a name as the family members have not been notified, the family members are not from the Belize district so we are trying to communicate with them at this moment.”


“In terms of any visible injuries or any signs of the cause of death what can you tell us at this moment?”

So far Police do not have much information besides what the Fisheries personnel told them. They are reviewing surveillance footage from the area but ASP Cowo says nothing concrete has been established as yet.


Assistant Superintendent of Police Alejandro Cowo:

“Upon inspection of the body we observed that it had about three stab wounds to the abdomen are and to the chest area. We believe that that was the injury that caused the death of the male person. So far we have no other information, all information we gathered from yesterday was that the personnel that were around the fisheries department they saw the commotion and called for the police. Upon the police’s arrival the person had already been thrown on the sea and the boat had already left from the area.”