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Police refuse to say if Urine Sample taken from Officer involved in Accident

Last Thursday, two-year-old boy, Tevin Cacho was run over by a police mobile on Iguana Street.  An officer assigned to the Gang Suppression Unit was at the wheel.  Thereafter, Cacho was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he was admitted in a critical condition. At today’s police press brief the media learned of the details of the incident. The police said that the mother was involved in public drinking as well as loitering. We gathered that no urine sample was taken from the toddler’s mother. Love News tried to get some answers from Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams as to whether or not the police took a urine sample from the driver of the police mobile, but he was quite tight-lipped on his response.

DCP Chester Williams: “A number of persons were congregating/public drinking. As you would know public drinking is against the law. So is loitering. This was around 8:15 PM there about. The Police vehicle came to a stop and some of the officers alighted the vehicle and went to speak with those persons who obviously were committing a breach of the law. One officer remained in the vehicle and the officer moved the vehicle forward to park on the side of the road. A few minutes later or seconds later two females who were in front of the store drinking shouted at the officer in the vehicle that a child was under the vehicle. The officer immediately alighted the vehicle and him and others removed the child from under the vehicle and the child was rushed to the KHMH. I will say that it is a sad situation but parents need to understand that they need to take better care of their children especially when they are out with them on the street late at night. One would wonder what is a two year old child doing on the street after 8 PM at night without being properly supervised.”

Jose Sanchez: “You said public drinking and obviously a breach of the law. Did you take any urine samples from the mother or was she charged since you said drinking and obviously breaching of the law? Your comments?”

DCP Chester Williams: “My friend to charge somebody for public drinking there is no need to sample from them any at all. The law does not make provision for that. I am not saying that she was under the influence and was commiting a crime whilst under the influence because that is when we require a sample from people and as I have said we don’t want to deal with the mother to harshly because we understand the difficulty that she is going through. As much as she is wrong she is a mother and to know that her child has suffered injuries because of whatever means she will be hurt whether she is a part of the reason why the child suffered the injuries, she will be hurt too and we don’t want to add more to her grief or her pain so we have to in some way try to see what we can do to minimize the amount of difficulty that she is going through at this time.”

Jose Sanchez: “As a part of regular Police procedure did you get any urine sample from the officer who was driving?”

DCP Chester Williams: “That was dealt with by Traffic Police officers who are investigating the matter.”

Jose Sanchez: “But is that a yes or a no?”

DCP Chester Williams: “I have answered your question Mr….”

Jose Sanchez: “But that is not a yes or a no.”

DCP Chester Williams: “I have answered your question.” It seems that you came with this thing against the Police about this whole incident you need to be; my brother in investigation and I would advise you to learn investigative journalism. In investigation you must learn to be objective and not bias.”

Jose Sanchez: “That is not biased.”

DCP Chester Williams: “I am not taking any more questions from you, next question.”

Jose Sanchez: “You still haven’t answered the question sir.”