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Police release details on murder of PC Modesto Cucul


Police say two men ambushed officer Modesto Cucul and his common-law wife on Thursday morning, killing him. An official police report indicates that Cucul and his common-law-wife, 35-year-old Anlavidia Cal, were traveling in a pick-up truck on the Crique Jute Village Road. About a quarter mile on the road, two armed masked men ambushed the couple. Police say one of the men fired a shot at the passenger side damaging the gypsy glass hitting Cucul as he exited his vehicle. He collapsed on the side of the road near some bushes. He presented wounds to the right side of his face, neck, upper right arm and chest. Cal sustained an apparent gunshot wound to the mouth and upper left side of her body. She was transported to the San Antonio Poly Clinic for treatment and later transported to Punta Gorda Town Hospital where she is admitted in a stable condition.