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Police report on Home Invasion in Cayo and Police Operations

There was a home invasion in the Cayo District on Friday. It occurred after 9 p.m. in Bradley’s Bank area of San Ignacio. The police say after accosting the residents inside their home, they stole cash from the vehicle.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “San Ignacio police responded to the call of an aggravated burglary in the Bradley’s Bank area of San Ignacio where upon arrival Dan Williams 62 year old retired Belizean reported to them that whilst at his home, his home was entered by two dark in complexion male persons: one of whom was armed with a machete, who threw him to the ground and demanded monies. As a result, his son who was at home with him was taken downstairs to his vehicle which was parked in his yard and then an undisclosed amount of money was removed from the vehicle that was inside an envelope. So far police are following several leads but at this point in time, we do not have anyone detained.”

No suspects have been identified at this time.  As we mentioned on the top of the news, there were 3 fatalities resulting from vehicular accidents as well as a man who passed away from a lightning strike. Commander of Operations, ACP Marco Vidal briefed the media today on the various operations that were taking place across the country over the four day weekend.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: “We had an operation which included the VCP’s, the checkpoints across the country and then we had the formations being complimented by the specialized units in specific areas where we know problems would have arisen. We also had our borders covered in terms of security in conjunction with the Customs at the northern border. In Belize City, we also had increased numbers from the specialized units along with the support from the BDF that allowed for us to spread ourselves in terms of covering the vulnerable areas. We can say that for those operations that were done that we pretty much had very few incidents of traffic accidents on the road except for three fatalities which in most cases will be under our control. In terms of operations whilst we knew that some elements were in certain areas, they were contained and there was no incidents to report from those areas in regards to the operations. In relation to the traffic accident, we had a fatality in Benque Viejo where the persons came from across the border into Benque and then hit the barrier. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and he later succumbed to his injuries in Melchor. There was also an incident near mile thirty, the person was coming across the border and that is where the incident that occurred, when the individual ran into the barrier he hit his head and on his fall he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He was rushed to the Melchor Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Reporter: “ They say he was on a motorcycle?”

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal Assistant Commissioner of Operations: Yes, there was also the incident in Belize City near the bus terminal where a person was knocked down and he eventually succumbed to his injuries as a result of that incident as well.”

Today’s media briefing was held in the Capital inside the office of the Commissioner of Police and media darling, Chester Williams. The Compol  also provided sound advice and tips for citizens on how they too can play their part in policing and keeping the roads safe.

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams: “Over the weekend we know that Easter time is normally a time when crime goes up due to the huge gathering of persons in different locations and we know that the Cayes: Placencia, Hopkins, the areas along the water line have been the most attractive part of the country to persons during the Easter holidays so what we did was to ensure that we beefed our presence in those areas utilizing the specialized units with specific instructions in terms of what needs to be done and I must say that applying our crime-fighting strategy of the three pillars was a part of our success. One basically to ensure that we control the consumption of alcohol to some extent and to target persons who are known gang members whom we believe may be in different  areas with a view to try and go after criminal acts and I must say that we are also tough on quality of life offenses particularly going after edged tools because of recent, we have seen that we have had a number of murders where edged tools or pointed tools have become the weapon of choice so we are ensuring that we also go after persons who are carrying edged tools and have no reason to be carrying them. That coupled with the assistance from the local police officers in these areas was what basically led to our success over the holiday. I will take the opportunity to commend and congratulate all the police officers across the country for the exceedingly good job that they did over the Easter holiday. I cannot recall any year in recent memories where we have had an Easter holiday with no murders across the country so for us it is a huge success and we want to see how we can continue to build on what we have built over the holidays to carry on during this week and going into the Agric weekend. You know again that is another weekend that will we be very hectic and so myself and Mr. Vidal, we have discussed and we are looking at our operational strategy to ensure that whatever we put in place will give us the results that we so want. Again we continue to emphasize to the citizenry to exercise due caution when on the highways: persons who consume alcohol we again ask that you consume to your limit, when you know you have taken enough then you go home, the police will be out there to ensure the safety of each and every person who wants to enjoy themselves but at the end of the day you also have a responsibility for your own personal safety.”