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Police Say Accident Victim walked into Highway

The victim of the second road traffic incident is a Ladyville resident identified as 66-year-old, Rosita Armstrong. Police say Armstrong was walking in the middle of the highway when she was hit.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “Rachel Armstrong the information that the Police gathered so far is that the driver of the vehicle Mr. Winston Bode was driving towards Burrell Boom Belize City and upon reaching that area there he knocked down this female who was walking almost in the middle of the road. The lady died on the spot and he has been issued with a notice of intended prosecution. A urine sample was taken from him and also he was issued with an NIP.”

Reporter: “Sir anything to indicate if Rosita Armstrong may have been under the influence of Alcohol?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “What we understand is that she was visiting a friend at mile 13 and she left from there towards Ladyville where she lives, she was walking but she was not under the influence. Yes we do understand that she is suffering some kind of mental health.”

Armstrong is the mother of a Belize Police Sergeant.