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Police say alcohol may have contributed to fatal accident

Twenty year old Jerry Martinez lost his life as a result of a traffic accident on Friday night. Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood says that at around midnight Martinez was on a motorcycle when he crashed into a light post on Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. Inspector Yearwood believes that alcohol may have contributed to Martinez’s death.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – Police Press Officer

“A young man was driving his motor bike and collided into a lamp post that is on the right of the highway if you are travelling from Orange Walk towards Corozal. He unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.”


“They are saying that this Mr. Martinez was intoxicated while he was driving his vehicle, do you have any such information?”

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood – Police Press Officer

“Well like you mentioned, we have persons in the area that said that Mr. Martinez was seen socializing somewhere in the vicinity of Central Park in Orange Walk just minutes before he collided into the lamp post so we are definitely looking at maybe that alcohol may have been a factor in this accident.”

Martinez died on the spot.