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Police say alleged horse theft led to Shooting

After a group of minors tried to steal a horse, the uncle of one of the thieves, Frank Smith went to the home of the horse owners to confront them. Frank Smith had a weapon and fired several shots at Dennis Hislop. Hislop senior, according to the police, used his licensed firearm to defend his son in his yard and shot Smith. The police say Smith will be charged when he is released from the hospital.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: Thursday the 27th December at about 6:25 PM Police visited number 45 Faber’s Road where they spoke to one Mr. Dennis Alexander Hislop 24 year old Belizean who reported that whilst he was in fact at his residence along with a friend they were approached by two male persons, one of the male persons was armed with a firearm and there after a confrontation ensued between the both of them. He ran to the back of his house and he was pursued by the guy with the firearm. There after a struggle ensued between both of them where Mr. Hislop’s father came out and as a result he fired a shot at the male person who managed to escape the back of the house and thereafter they chased him away. Whilst at the Faber’s Road area the person turned and fired several shots at Mr. Hislop and his son. As a result of that 30 minutes later a person visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital suffering from gunshot wounds to the right cheek and to the right side of his neck. That male person was admitted in a critical condition however he has improved and is in a stable condition at the moment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. We understand that it is a dispute that has happened about two weeks ago and it has to do in relation to some horse issue between both families. What we have to be cognizant is that the issue happened in their yard and that is where the gentleman fired his weapon to save his son because if he had not done that probably he would have been telling you another story. At this moment we are still conducting and investigation and if anyone will be charged they will be dealt with as soon as the person is released from the Hospital.”