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Police say Brown threatened to kill his mom and sister


On Thursday, the police raided the home of the GSG’s Brian Brown in the Faber’s Road Extension Area of Belize City. The police used smoke grenades, and assaulted the home from all angles. They simultaneously stormed the front and back doors and also a window at the rear of the house to apprehend Brown. The police say they did it because he refused to come outside. But why did they go all out to get Brown? Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams said it was because Brown threatened his sister and mother.

DCP Chester Williams, Commander of Operations: “Well I have met with Brian Brown and his brother Jason with a view to see what can be done to bring this matter to an end. But Brian Brown is adamant that his family members owe him money and he wants the money to be paid. And he had made it categorically clear that if his money is not paid, he will kill his family including mother, his sister and his brother and that he has soldiers who can do it for him. And so as a police department, we cannot take his threat lightly. Whenever those threats are made, we must act. I will tell you that his mother lives in fear every day that he will come and do her something or he will send someone to do her something. So the police, as far as I am concerned, acted within the scope of the law in how the matter was dealt with today and I commend the officers for the tactic that they used in getting him into custody this morning.”

Deputy Commissioner Williams said the courts will decide Browns’ fate.