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Police say girls were not underage

Police say that the three young girls who appear in the controversial picture posing with contraband beers are of age and add that the image portrayed is not what it seems. The girls reportedly took the picture at an event organized by the Pomona Police Cadet Unit and it was circulated on Facebook. It triggered the Commissioner of Police to order a full investigation into the matter as the situation, according to the Commander of the Professional Standards Branch ACP Chester Williams left the department’s senior management “disheartened”. Today ACP Williams who was at the lead of the investigation, presented what he found.

ACP Chester Williams, Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“The commissioner and the senior management of the police department were very disheartened about what we saw when the picture first came on Facebook. As a result of that, the commissioner had directed that an investigation into that matter. The investigation has not yet been completed but from what we have gathered so far is that the three females in question; two are 18 years of age and one is 19 and we have verified that through their Social Security cards. Also what we have confirmed is that on December 17th of last there was a police cadet party at a venue in Pomona Village. The party for the police cadet was attended by the cadets and their parents, no cadet was there without a parent, every single one of them had their parent with them and prior to police cadet party there was another function at the same location and the three females in question who are in the photograph none of them is or have ever been a member of the police cadet. They went there to assist in serving at the cadet function and apparently after the party was over and they were doing the cleaning they saw the cans in the trash and they picked it up and posed with it. Unfortunately, in front of police banner and one of them I guess trying to prove a point to friends or whatever, posted it to social media to give the impression that they were drinking Bravo beer. We are still trying to ascertain who those persons were who had the function prior to police and you would know that Bravo beer is not sold in Belize so it is contraband and then we can see how we move forward with that investigation so that is where we are at this time.”

An uncensored picture of the three girls, however, leaves considerable room for doubt about their real age. Add to that, the Police’s latest report on the matter stirred some doubt about the accuracy of what happened. ACP Williams said their investigation can be trusted.

ACP Chester Williams, Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“The truth is not easily acceptable and my duty here is not to paint a pretty picture of something but rather to be truthful as to what transpired and I can assure you if I had any iota of evidence that police were involved in the consumption of contraband at that location base on what instructions I have been given by the commissioner they will be dealt with but so far we have not unearthed anything to suggest that the police were involved in the consumption or distribution of contraband beer at that location.”