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Police say Lionel Velasquez’s death was accidental

Police say that Lionel Velasquez’s death was an accident. Velasquez was traveling on a boat last Wednesday heading to Turneffe Island Resort where he works, when he fell overboard and was lost at sea.  His body was recovered on Saturday.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino: “Mr. Jose Miranda, Manager of Turneffe Island Resort reported that on the 18th of April 2018 a vessel which was travelling from Belize City to Turneffe Island Resort with workers and upon reaching somewhere six miles in front of English Caye one of the workers fell off the vessel and efforts were made to try to locate him, however they were fruitless. Assistance was sought out by the Coast Guard to assist in the search however he was not located. On the 21st that would be on Saturday, sometime around 3pm Coast Guard discovered a body of a male person floating somewhere around Middle and Alligator Caye. The body was received, a post mortem was conducted, and it was identified to be that of Lionel Velasquez, a 30 year old mechanic of Paraiso Village and a worker of Turneffe Island Resort. There were no visible injuries to him; the post mortem concluded that he died from Asphyxia due to inhalation of fluid, consistent with drowning.”

Reporter: Sir the resort has released a statement saying that this was an accident that the gentleman fell overboard well beyond anybody being able to come to his aid. Have police investigated to verify that indeed there version of events is indeed accurate.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino: “Right we have obtained several statements from persons who witnessed the incident and all indications from those statement is that indeed it may have been an accident, that he genuinely fell over, he lost footing on the edge of the boat and I think he was trying to grasp onto the canopy of the boat and he lost footing and gripping of that part of the vessel and he fell over.”