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Police say murder suspect escaped from their hands

Today the Belize Police Department confirmed that the suspect in the murder of Jaime Pelayo Junior did, in fact, escape from Police custody in Orange Walk Town. That suspect is now officially identified as 29-year-old George Bull of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District. ACP Joseph Myvett, Commander of the National Crimes Investigation Branch explained how it happened.

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch

“The suspect was detained and he was formally charged with two counts of aggravated assault and in order to complete the murder investigation an ID parade would have had to be conducted and in the process after the ID parade and whilst being escorted to the cell block he made good his escape while being escorted to the cell block. The police have since put out a wanted poster for his arrest since Monday evening and there is an ongoing investigation which at its conclusion may lead to disciplinary charges being brought against the officer depending on the outcome of the investigation.”

When asked, ACP Myvett said police is unaware whether Bull has relatives working at the Orange Walk Police formation. Police have issued a wanted poster for Bull for Pelayo’s murder and when captured, he will also face an additional charge for escape. Pelayo was killed at a nightclub in Orange Walk Town sometime after four o’clock in the morning on Friday, December 15 while he socialized with some friends.  Bull allegedly pulled out a firearm and fired directly in their direction, fatally wounding Pelayo to his chest and injuring a woman.