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Police say: “Not boycotting the Media”

And while the commissioner has just returned to office, we inquired about the recent developments between the department and the media. Since the last week in September, the Department has refrained from granting any interviews to the media, despite repeated requests as we cover serious crime incidents across the country. That “radio silence” was most notable almost immediately after the Vidal/Williams dispute made national news. This, we note, is contrary to a working agreement that had been established between the Department and the media where the media would not only cover crime but also feature the positive events and news coming out of the department. While the Department’s press office has continued to provide the media with incident reports, we have been unable to secure any interviews with commanders or lead investigators. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie says he is not yet aware of the situation.


Allen Whylie – Commissioner of Police

I haven’t had a discussion with the officer who was holding over so what you are telling me I would have to find out what is happening. I’ll look into it that’s all I can say at this point in time.


Today, after repeated requests and queries from the media, Central Regional Commander Dezerie Magdaleno, through the Department’s Press Office chat group with the media stated that the recent silence from the department is quote, “no form of boycotting from the police department standpoint or there would have been no information provided. Daily press releases are being sent and members of the PR office have been working diligently to provide timely responses to ALL your questions and request. As was discussed and agreed upon, request for an interview will be granted as the office of Commissioner of police sees fit,” end of quote.