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Police say suspect targeted a man but killed and shot two women

Two women were socializing with family members and their children in a yard on Bishop Martin Street just after seven o’clock last week Thursday night when a gunman, dressed in black, emerged from behind the yard, fired multiple shots at the group.  25-year-old, Brenda Castellanos passed away during surgery at the Western Regional Hospital while 35-year-old, Jennis August survived. The police told Love News that the gunman was targeting another male who was in the yard.

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “San Ignacio Police visited an area in San Ignacio known as Bishop Martin St. Santa Elena Town where inside of a yard they observed two females with what appeared to be several gunshot wounds to their bodies. Both females were transported to the Hospital at that location and thereafter to the Belmopan Hospital where one of the females by the name of Mrs. Brenda Castellanos a 25 year old passed away whilst receiving treatment that same night. The other female that was along with her was one Jenice August. She was treated and later discharged from the hospital. What Police gathered so far is that both females were inside of the yard socializing with other family members when a male person approached and fired several shots at their direction causing the above mentioned fatal injuries to Mrs. Castellanos. Police have detained several persons who they have questioned however because of lack of evidence they had to be released. What we understand from the investigators is that several persons have been interviewed however they are very reluctant to cooperate with the investigators.

Reporter: “Sir is this gang related ?”

ASP Alejandro Cowo: “It is, what we believe is it is because of a dispute that occured about a month ago if I am not mistaken in that that same location at a bar which we suspect  led to this shooting. The intended target we suspect was inside that yard when the shooting happened. We believe that the right person who did the shooting was detained  however that person had to be released because of the insufficient evidence up to now. We are appealing to those who were there, we know they saw what happened and to cooperate with us so that we can put a stop to this hideous crime that happened there with these two females.”