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Police say they have suspect in Hammon Lemoth’s murder

Twenty three year old, Hammon Lemoth was in an induced coma after being shot to the head on the night of May 23. More than a month later, he succumbed to the gunshot wound and now south side police are investigating a murder. This afternoon, Commander Senior Supertintendent of Police, Marco Vidal gave an update.

Sr. Supt. Marco Vidal – OC, Eastern Division South
So now there is a murder investigation, we are seeking suspects in that matter as well. The investigation is ongoing and we pretty much have an idea as to who the person is so it’s just a matter of putting that together then we shall be making an arrest very shortly.

Vidal would not confirm or deny if Lemoth’s shooting was gang related. Lemoth was working inside a barber shop on Central American Boulevard when he was shot.