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Police Says Crime Is at A Low in the George Street Area

But as we told you last week, not all gangs are opening up to the initiative brought about by the Senior Superintendent Chester Williams and his team at Eastern Police Division South. A meeting was held with members of the George Street Gang along with relatives of the murdered Denfield Bowen- who is believed to have been killed due to internal gang warfare. Our sources told us that the meeting was not satisfactory and that the gang members do not want peace.


“I refute that statement; I have had two meetings with George Street and the first meeting I had with them, yes, it was not what we expected but the subsequent meeting we had was very productive. We had Gerald Tillett and his brother they came in, we sat, they spoke and they opened up and we learnt a lot and as I have said before these people are deeply hurt and I do not expect that having one or two meetings with them will achieve what we want to achieve so I will continue to be in dialogue with them.  I speak to Chiney regularly and if he has an issue he would call me and we try to see how we could work together to create some semblance of peace in the George Street area as well as outside of George Street because the issues are not taking place in George Street.  If you would see George Street itself is relatively cool there are not many incidents happening in George Street but there are factions from George Street who would normally leave and go to create problems and that is what we are trying to do, work with them and see how we could tell them to stay in their area and not to go elsewhere to create problems and we are getting there. It is not where we want it to be but I believe that with time and effort we will eventually get there.”