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Police secures fuel discount for police officers attached to Southside division

Police Officers attached to the Eastern Division South in Belize City should soon begin to see a number of new benefits coming their way. The improvements include better working environments and lowered expenses, especially for officers who commute to and from Belize City. The changes are being implemented by Commander Howell Gillett, who since taking over command of the area has been making his rounds in the City enlisting the support of the business community to curb the crime situation and to also improve the working conditions of officers attached to his division. Today, Commander Gillett announced that these officers will be enjoying between six to ten percent discount on fuel prices, an agreement he successfully struck with UNO gas station after a meeting with the company’s Sales Consultant Lupita Zetina. Commander Gillett says it is all in an effort to help officers cut down on expenses and enjoy more of their salary.

Sr.Supt.Howell Gillett, Commander Southside Belize City: “Well it’s between, it’s not finalized it’s between 6 and 10%. I believe we are leaning towards more of a 10% discount. Well one of the prerequisites is to be a member of the South Side Police that’s one and you have to have an I.D. to show but your name will be left at the gas station nationally and its form UNO so if you are in Corozal you can fill up at a UNO Gas Station and if you are in Belize City you can do the same. So officers will get a card, there is card you have to use to purchase the fuel and that in itself will signal you are a member from the south side and please officers it is not for your families. It is not for Police officers to fill up and then still fill the car for his wife; that’s not the idea, we want to encourage carpooling because there is too much commuting. There is hitch hiking and it’s dangerous for us, for the officer, for the families You wouldn’t want an officer to lose his or her lie getting off 12 at night trying to get to Coronal from Belize City so we want to encourage carpooling so that is one of the main reasons why we are doing it and the community in Belize City they are very hands, they are very helpful.”

Reporter: Is there a limitation to how often they can access this service for the day or per week?

Sr.Supt.Howell Gillett, Commander Southside Belize City: “We’ll all that has to be spelt out when we sign the agreement that that has now gone to the management for revision and that now we will have a follow up meeting and at that time those and other things will come out and well share it with the public but already we are receiving calls and texts from officers country wide asking ‘sir can you do it for other Police across the country’ and we are not in charge of Policing country wide but if we could broker a deal for officers countrywide then we will do so. There is hope that at least for the fuel we could do it for officer’s country wide. It seems that way but I don’t want to conclusively say that that is the case but that is in discussion though.”


Officers in the Southside division in Belize City will be able to enjoy this deal as soon as next week. The Commander also adds that in a few days, work should begin on replacing tents currently used by officers in the Southside booths.