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Police Seek Four Men Responsible for Brazen Home Invasion in Rural Belize

Police are currently looking for four men responsible for a brazen home invasion that left two senior citizens from rural Belize shaken up. The incident occurred just before six o’clock on Tuesday evening at a residence near mile fifteen on the Philip Goldson Highway. According to reports, the men, one of whom was dressed in a police uniform, held up 68-year-old, Perry Franks, and handcuffed him while they ransacked his home. However, the men’s terrorism didn’t end there as they also preyed on 67-year-old, Maria Griffith, who lives next door. The men reportedly stole several items from both senior citizens, before making good their escape. Police Public Relations, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Fitzroy Yearwood says that this incident has since prompted the police to increase its presence in the area.

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “To say that it was definitely a police uniform they said what appeared to be a police uniform and two dressed in camouflage one in civilian clothing I think even short pants to be exact but we take these type of attacks very seriously and while you in the media like to use home invasion we in Belize we can it aggravated burglary. One sensationalizing the word like that it’s not even the laws in Belize for you to change for a home invasion but we treat every report seriously and our investigators did a thorough job on that scene. We know that they indicated to us that the assailants may have headed from the direction of Sand Hill towards Ladyville and probably even in Belize City. So we are trying to find out who are the orchestrators of these crimes which we know yes it’s an elderly couple they are shaken up and we wouldn’t want to aggravate or frighten members of that community as to believe that this a norm. We have ramped up our patrols, we have put in place other means that we believe would help us to see if this is just an isolated situation and if not we would then try to target anybody that would come up on our radar that would fit this kind of modus operandi. Hopefully we can quell this because we all know we’re going into the festive season and we don’t want to create any kind of panic in our community. We want people to understand that the police department will do our best to make sure that they’re safe in their own homes.” 

Reporter: No persons of interest at this time ?

ASP. Fitzroy Yearwood, Public Relations, Belize Police Department: “Not as yet I know that officers in Ladyville area the rural area are following some leads and we hope that if we can’t even detain these people we can deter them.”

The men also broke the legs of two of Griffith’s puppies before they escaped.