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Police seek one for gruesome murder of Santos Dominguez

Police are still looking for a Hispanic male who is a suspect in the gruesome murder of a 52-year-old resident of Franks Eddy Village located in the Cayo District. The victim, Santos Sabino Guerra Dominguez was found dead on the side of a road with several chops wounds to his face. Dalila Ical reports.

Dalilah Ical: Police are still working to establish a motive for the gruesome murder for 52 year old of Santo Sabina Guerra Dominguez a resident of Franks Eddy Village. He was found dead in the village on the side of the road early Sunday morning, he had sustained chop wounds to the right side of his neck face and right side of his head.

ASP Joseph Myvett Head National C.I. B.: Mr. Dominguez was socializing in the village and there after left in route to this home where he was attacked by a Hispanic male person who inflicted the said injuries.

Dalilah Ical: Police say there is no report of Dominguez being involved in a dispute at the bar that night. Dominguez met his death in the vicinity of the residence of Elvin Torres who alerted the police of the crime, when he arrived from a night out.

Elvin Torres: When I come home 4 o’clock she told me you didn’t saw the body out there; I said nope. I came out back outside and I saw somebody on the floor severely chopped up on the ground so I called the police, I call my chairman, and I just notify everybody who is think is supposed to know about what is going on you know. Thank the good lord everybody came very fast, the police respond in 15 minutes, the Chairman was here in 5 minutes.

Dalilah Ical: Dominguez’s friend Jose Gilvaro told Love News that he last saw him alive hours before on that same night and cannot comprehend why Dominguez was killed.

Jose Gilvaro:  He was around last night around the shop, he bought some stuff and he drink tea, after all I left the shop, I go to church, we close the shop, we don’t see him again, when we come home from church we just close the shop and come home.

Fem Cruz: Until this morning.

Jose Gilvaro: Until this morning we heard the news I was really shocked because I was expecting things like that to happen to Sabino; I couldn’t take it. Sabino Guerra was a cool guy, he wasn’t any trouble maker, so we really concern about it because if this happen in a small community like this, we should find some ways to try to avoid it but I really feel sad because he was a guy he didn’t really do any problem, he was around just the village friendly, he hang with only cool person, he worked at the farm,

Fem Cruz: Which farm?

Jose Gilvaro: Espat.

Dalilah Ical: Torres says that the incident has shocked his family. We are very concerned about what happened because this isn’t supposed to happen in front of a lot kids, they wake up Sunday morning and see something like this, this have to stop and we have to find who the guys that did that.Police has recovered a machete in the area and has taken it to evidence.

Dalilah Ical Love News.


Police have not made any arrests in the case.