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Police seek Public’s help in fight against Crime

As the title of the operation suggests, the Police Department is also seeking the cooperation of the Belize City residents. Some of these residents, as the Department’s high command, has acknowledged may be caught in some of the stints and have asked for the public’s tolerance and forgiveness if this happens. Beyond that, the department also seeks the public’s help with information by way of tips. For that, the department has set up two numbers that the public can call to either give information or call for aid. This says Central Regional Commander, ACP Dezerie Magdaleno will remain strictly confidential.

Desiree Phillips, Eastern Division Commanding Officer

“We know that there is an issue of confidentiality and trust within the community but I want to assure you that I will be the one solely responsible to have access to these two cell phones and I want to ask the general public to feel free to communicate any information, anything that you see there is a motto in the police department that we go by “If you see something, Say something. You may stop something.” I know that is a favorite quote of Mr. Broaster it has worked very well and that is the same initiative that we want to bring into this operation. So with the spirit of that if you see something, please say something to me. The cellphones are activated for this operation one is a Digicel the number is 634-5168 and the Smart number is 660-1164. I know I may have sleepless nights but I am up for it, call me, text me anytime and I want to assure you I am putting my face here and my name I am assuring the public that the information you share with me will be kept confidential.”