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Police seeking suspect for Dorian Sutherland’s Murder

Belize City police are investigating the murder of 29 year old Dorian Sutherland who was shot about five o’clock on Monday evening. Sutherland, also known as “Sonny” was reportedly shot after he had an argument with someone still unidentified. Police, again, have not released much information on the case but have said that they have a suspect and are still looking for that man. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story.

The information received is that sometime around 5 p.m. a male person was shot on La Croix Boulevard. As a result, police proceeded to corner Linda Vista and Police Streets and thereafter they were taken inside a house about a hundred feet from Linda Vista, where they observed the motionless body of Dorian Sutherland with a gunshot wound to the body. All we can tell you at this moment is that he was somewhere on Linda Vista Street, when he had an altercation with somebody and as result an argument ensued and he ended up getting shot.


“Do you guys have any suspects right now that you are looking for?”

Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB

“Yeah we have a suspect at this time but I cannot reveal the name at this moment.”


“Can you reveal how many injuries he sustained and where?”

Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB

“I cannot tell you the amount of injuries but there is more than one to the body.”


“So he died on the spot?”

Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB