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Police Seeks Castro for Wounding and Aggravated Assault

A 19-year-old woman was reportedly traumatized about a week ago when the young man she was in a relationship with assaulted her subsequently leading to her swallowing a bullet.  Reports reaching Love News are that the one year relationship had gotten hostile and violent leading to the boyfriend, Kenworth Castro now being wanted by the Belize Police Department for wounding and aggravated assault.  On June 12, the woman made a report to the Maskall Police after escaping from Castro’s home in the village.  According to the woman, they got into an argument and she threw a bottle to the ground which led him to physically assault her.  Minutes later, she told him that she is leaving to go to her mother in Stann Creek but he refused for her to leave and so he placed her young baby on the ground and tied her hands and feet with his shoe laces and he left the house.  He returned shortly after with a pink plastic bag bearing three live rounds.  He forced her to open her mouth and he then placed one of the bullets in her mouth and she subsequently swallowed the bullet.  According to the woman, Castro then called one of his cousins and told him to bring the gun and then told her that he would deal with her.  However, after the woman ingested the bullet, she was able to get away from him.  An x-ray examination has shown the bullet inside the woman and the attending physician is working with her in getting it extracted.  Love News spoke with the woman and found out that Castro has been harassing her in the Stann Creek District where she is currently staying with her mom.  Love News spoke with Inspector Frederick Gordon, who confirmed the incident and told us that Castro is currently being sought by the police.  Interestingly, this story never made it on the sit-rip report, which is issued to the media by the Belize Police Department.