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Police Seeks Guatemalan National in Rape Report

A Guatemalan national is being sought by the Police after a report of rape was made against him.  According to Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, the report was made on January 1; 30 days after the rape incident reportedly occurred.  The 18-year-old woman told investigators in her report that she was in the Spanish Town area when she was picked up by the accused.  Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster told the media that he is not certain why the complainant took a month to make the report but that they are investigating nonetheless.


“We had in the Rural Eastern Division the report of a rape by an 18-year-old female which occurred on the 1st of January.  Apparently it’s not necessarily someone she knew. Someone came and spoke to her and took her in his vehicle and then she  was taken to a secluded area and raped then brought back to where he moved her. We are not clear exactly as to why she waited a month to make this report, we are investigating the matter and we will deal with it as the evidence falls. As police investigators we have to try and corroborate her story with other evidence and we will need to try to corroborate the story that she is giving us.”

The accused was reportedly working in the Spanish Town area at the time of the incident but his place of residence remains unknown.