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Police shootings failed to stop men

Belmopan Police shot a man over the weekend. The incident happened on August 19, and began while police were conducting a check point at the Ring Tail junction located outside of Belmopan City. According to police, they saw two Hispanic men on a motorcycle approaching the checkpoint but then, the two men, made a U-turn in their attempt to avoid police. Police immediately set chase after them which led to the shooting. on ACP Edward Broaster explained what happened.


Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, Acting Commander of the Eastern Division:

“They were chased and they eventually entered an orange farm the officers noticed that one of them had a rifle on his shoulder and when they arrived at the orange farm and set chance one of the individuals turned around and took out what appeared to be a firearm to the officer and the officer fired a shot which caught that individual in the right arm we later learned. Both of them made their escape however at about 2 p.m. on that same day the individual went to the Western Regional Hospital where he was found and his name is Juan Hirameyas a 24 year old Salvadoran National.”