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Police Shoots Police During Bar Brawl

It was the close of Police Week 2019 and with it came multiple incidents involving police officers including a few injuries and some that will undoubtedly lead to internal investigations.  We start with the reports of an officer injuring other officers with his firearm surfaced out of Dangriga over the weekend. At the time, the story seemed confusing, as the officer who fired his weapon was breaking up a fight and somehow managed to injure three persons; two of whom were reportedly fellow officers and one who was a former police officer. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, cleared up the situation, and said that the case is currently being investigated.

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head NCIB

“On Saturday sometime around 2:30am, Police responded to information of a fight at a dance establishment that was ongoing.  During the police arrival to assist, other police officers who were working there, met the fight in progress. One of those officers approached one of the persons known as Edmond Cayetano and in an attempt to separate the fight the officer got into an altercation with this person where he pulled out his service issued 9 mm pistol and fired one shot which caught Mr. Cayetano to the right lower leg and we believe, it also caught Ms. Raquel Mckenzie to the left lower leg. One other police officer who was present was also injured but we are still trying to determine whether or not that was as a result of the same incident. There is a parallel investigation ongoing, which is a criminal investigation as well as an investigation being carried out by the Professional Standards Branch. His weapon was taken into custody and he was brought in where he was interviewed, taking into consideration that he was acting in the line of duty.”

ACP Myvette also said he was not sure if McKenzie is indeed a police officer./////////